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Vegan Hair Treatments

Welcome to Kevin Joseph Uxbridge Hair Salon

The team at Kevin Joseph Hairdressing in Uxbridge are completely devoted to you, our valued guest. Throughout your visit you will enjoy a dedicated and personalised ONE to ONE attentive service with your chosen hair stylist. We're pleased to offer you a bespoke hairdressing service to achieve your desired results.

We're proud to be a Wella Ambassador Salon and offer a full range of classic and bespoke hairdressing services including hair colour correction, balayage, grey hair care, vegan hair smoothing and hair treatments.  We can also help if your hair is thinning as we offer Nioxin hair loss treatments. 

Our focus is always on helping you feel relaxed, confident and the best you can be.  We look forward to welcoming you to our salon soon.


Hair Colour

Hair Colour

The expert colour technicians at our Uxbridge salon have all the skills needed to produce beautiful, long-lasting results you'll love.  From subtle balayage to bold creative colours, via classic blondes, brunettes and red heads, we guarantee a bespoke service tailored to your particular requirements.  If you've joined the grey hair colour movement, you've come to the right place as we are specialists in making your silver hair glow.

We're proud to be a Wella Ambassador salon, which reflects our experience and skills when it comes to hair colouring.  Using only top quality products from Wella, we'll always put the health and integrity of your hair first when working with you to produce your desired results.   Book a colour consultation today to begin your hair colour journey.


Vegan Hair Smoothing Treatments

If dull, frizzy hair is getting you down, we have the perfect solution at our Uxbridge salon!  You can say goodbye to dry, unruly locks with the Lakmé Aura hair smoothing treatment.

Aura is the first biotechnological, vegan hair treatment designed to strengthen and soften the hair fibre and eliminate frizz.   It contains hyaluronic acid and offers the hair intense hydration and protection, increasing shine and creating a barrier against pollution.   It delivers outstanding results which last for 4 to 6 months.

Book a consultation to find out how a Lakmé Aura treatment can deliver the softer, shinier, easier to manage hair you've been dreaming of!  


Vegan Keratin Treatments
Hair Extensions

Modern & Classic Haircuts

When you visit our salon our experienced stylists will find out a little about your personality and lifestyle so we can guide and advise you on the best hairstyle to suit you personally.  We'll make sure it will enhance your features, work with your hair type and will complement your personal style.

Most salons offer you a simple cut and finish, but at Kevin Joseph we promise you a designer hair cut complete with a home care maintenance programme

We offer top quality, classic haircuts and also make sure we stay up-to-date with the latest styles and cutting techniques.  For inspiration on the latest hair trends, check out our blog.


Wella System Professional

As a Wella Ambassador Salon we’re proud to stock the full System Professional range of hair care products.  

These transformative products have been developed using the very latest scientific innovations in the field of hair care.  They offer targeted solutions to address your specific hair care needs and help regenerate your individual strands from within. The result is hair that looks and feels healthier, easier to manage and replenished.  These high-performance, salon-quality formulas are a pleasure to use, offering a luxurious sensorial experience.

We stock a diverse range of hair care products at our Uxbridge salon.  Speak to your hair stylist who can recommend the right one for you, whatever your hair care needs.


Wella System Professional Stockists Uxbridge
Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

We offer top quality Easilocks hair extensions at our Uxbridge salon and can use them to add length, volume or even new colour to your hair.  They are made from 100% human remy hair for the most natural looking results, and will integrate beautifully with all hair types.

Our extensions are available in a wide variety of length, colours and textures and are virtually undetectable when fitted.  They can be attached using microscopic locks and are designed to be kind to your natural hair.  We also offer tape-in extensions for fast application and removal.

Hair extensions should always be attached by fully trained professionals for the best, lasting results.  Book a consultation with our hair extensions specialists and we can discuss the style you want to achieve and give you quote.


A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome

We have a long-standing team of highly trained stylists at our Uxbridge salon who are waiting to create the perfect hair cut or colour for you.  We offer a friendly and welcoming, non-judgemental welcome and we're confident that you will leave us loving your hair.


Kevin Joseph Gift Card

Kevin Joseph Gift Cards

Treat someone to the gift of fabulous hair with a Kevin Joseph Gift Card.   
Available in denominations of your choice, they will allow the recipient to choose from our range of top class hairdressing services and products at our Uxbridge salon.  


Five Star Service

Five Star Service

We're proud that so many of our clients tell us that we're the best hair salon in Uxbridge.  We offer a bespoke hairdressing service and offer one to one attention for every guest.   Click the link below to read some of our latest reviews.  You can rest assured that your hair is in good hands at Kevin Joseph!



The team at Kevin Joseph Hairdressing in Uxbridge are completely devoted to you, our valued guests.
During your service with a dedicated hair stylist, you will be offered a bespoke hairdressing experience.


94 reviews with an average rating of 5.00


Click the link below to see answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

Do I need an allergy test before I have my hair coloured?


Yes, a skin patch test is essential before your first hair colour appointment and if you haven't had your hair coloured with us for 6 months or more. This is so we can test for any allergies to the hair colour products that we use.

There's no need to book an appointment because the test takes only a few seconds, but we can't colour your hair without a record of a skin test being done. All we will do is dab a small amount of colour product behind your ear which you should wipe away after 30 minutes (or sooner if it feels itchy or sore). If you have had no reaction within 48 hours, then we can go ahead with your hair colour.

If you suffer from sensitive skin we can recommend ammonia-free hair colour products which are designed to cause minimum stress to the hair's cuticle.

Speak to your Kevin Joseph colour technician for more advice.

What is balayage?


Balayage is a very popular hair colouring technique that involves the colour being hand-painted painted onto chosen sections of the hair. It comes from the French meaning "to sweep". Balayage can give your hair instant brightness with a lighter colour being used toward the ends, leading up to slightly darker roots. Face-framing balayage highlights are very much on-trend and flattering to everyone. They also have the advantage of being low maintenance as root re-growth is far less obvious than with some other hair colouring techniques. So what's the difference between balayage and ombré? Ombré is a technique that offers a simpler, two-tonal contrast from the roots to the tip of the hair. The roots are typically darker than the tips, making it another low maintenance style. By contrast, balayage offers a subtler and more multi-dimensional result.

Do you offer treatments for hair loss?


Yes.  At our Uxbridge salon we offer specialist Nioxin treatments for hair loss and thinning hair.  Book an appointment at with hair loss specialists and you can be sure of a friendly and sympathetic welcome and the treatment you need to restore your hair to the best possible health.

We also offer scalp health treatments.


Do you offer hair extensions?


Yes, book an appointment at Kevin Joseph and we can transform your look with Easilocks hair extensions!  Whether you want to add volume, length, or even a beautiful new colour, we’ve got you covered.

Do you offer specialist treatments for grey hair?


Yes, we are grey hair experts at our Uxbridge salon.  We're pleased to offer the latest True Grey system from Wella, which is perfect if you've joined the ranks of people embracing your grey.

If you'd rather blend in your grey hair, that's no problem!  Contact our hair colour specialists and we can create a bespoke hair colour which is as bold or natural as you wish.

Do you offer vegan hair care products?


Yes, we are pleased to offer Lakmé Aura vegan hair smoothing treatments.

Do you offer hair consultations?


Yes, we offer hair consultations so we can assess your hair, help you find the perfect haircut, style or colour to change up your look. During a detailed discussion, we will analyse your hair's colour and condition, understand your hair history, discuss your daily hair routines and come up with some ideas of hairstyles and colours that will suit you.
We charge £30 for an in-depth hair consultation.  If you decide you want to go ahead with a re-style or colour transformation, your fee will be redeemable against your bill when your service is carried out.
If you decide that you’d rather not go ahead, please note that the consultation fee is non-refundable. Find out more about our Uxbridge hair consultations here.

Do you offer barber haircuts for men?


Yes, we are a unisex hair salon and offer haircutting and styling for everyone.

How do I know which stylist I should choose?


All our stylists are fully trained but some have more experience than others.  This is reflected in our pricing structure.

If you are looking for a highly technical hair colour service, such as balayage, ombre or even a colour correction, you may want to book with one of our more experienced colourists.

For more information or further advice, please call the salon on 01895 237238 and we will be happy to match the right stylist to your hair needs.

How much do you charge for a cut and finish?


Our prices vary depending on which stylist you choose and the length of time your appointment takes.   Our prices start from £55 for a one hour Cut and Blow Dry appointment.

Where can I read your customer reviews?


We are always delighted when our clients tell us how much they love their hair and our service.  You can read some of our reviews here to find out why our clients say we are the number one hair salon in Uxbridge!

Which hair colour will suit me best?


Different shades will suit different skin tones better than others and your colourist can help you decide which will work best for you. The best colour may also depend on how much time and effort you want to put into the transformation. For example, it may be easier to try some natural looking blended balayage highlights to start with. Alternative, a warm all over tint to blend in some grey might be just what you need before progressing on to a bigger change.  The choice is yours though of course and we can help you navigate your way through the wide range of choices available to you.

Bring in some images of hair colours you like and your colourist can help you achieve the look. It's always a good idea to have some images from Instagram or Pinterest, then both you and your colourist can be clear exactly which shade you mean.

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