Har Colour Correction in Uxbridge

Hair Colour Correction Uxbridge Wella Hair Colour ExpertsIf you are looking to completely change your hair colour, or have experienced a hair colour disaster elsewhere, rest assured that the highly skilled colour correction experts at our Uxbridge hair salon are here to help.

We have unrivalled experience in when it comes to correcting hair colour problems.  We can take your hair colour from blonde to red, brunette to blonde… or any other hair colour you desire.  Your first step in getting to your desired hair shade is to book a colour consultation so we can assess your hair and explain what is possible.

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair colour changes and corrections.  Take a look at our Instagram page for more examples of our colour work.

Please note:  We charge a £30 fee for hair colour consultations.  Your fee will be redeemable against your bill on the day your service is carried out.

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Book A Colour Correction or Colour Change

Whatever your hair colour issue, don’t despair! Call 01895 237238 to book in for a hair colour consultation with our expert hair colourists, so we can assess the problem and work with you to restore your hair to a beautiful colour and condition. Please note:  We charge a £30 fee for hair colour consultations.  Your fee will be redeemable against your bill on the day your service is carried out.

How Easy Is It To Change My Hair Colour?

If you are looking to change your hair colour, please book in for a free consultation first. 

As you can imagine, if you have light hair and want to go more blonde, this is a lot easier than when a brunette wants to transition to blonde. 

While we can usually transform your hair colour to the shade you desire, please be realistic as it may take more than one session to get to your chosen hair colour.  We promise to talk you through the process so you have a full understanding of what can be achieved, how long it will take and how much it will cost.  

Ensuring you end up with shiny, healthy hair is of paramount importance to our hairdressing team.  Adding the amazing OLAPLEX hair repair and strengthening treatment to the colouring process will help to safeguard your hair during any colour change or colour correction.

How Can You Save My Over-Bleached Hair? 

Over-bleached hair tends to be dry and brittle, which leads to it breaking and splitting.  While we might recommend a really good haircut to get rid of the worst of the split ends, we can also add the revolutionary OLAPLEX hair repair treatment to repair the bonds in your hair and help restore it to a healthy condition. One word of advice though – do not bleach your hair at home as the results are never as good as the beautiful blonde hair colours created in our Uxbridge hair salon.

My Hair Colour Is Uneven – Help! 

Uneven hair colour is known as a hair colour imbalance and can be rectified by our expert colourists. 

Book in for a £30 colour consultation so we can assess your hair and work out a recovery plan. We will be able to see which areas of the hair are different shades, over-dry, porous and in need of specialist attention.

Clients who have experienced a hair colour disaster with an at-home dye or elsewhere often ask if they can simply put hair colour on top of their problem colour.  Please do not do this.  It is unlikely to improve your hair colour issue and could actually make it worse.

If your hair has been previously coloured, has a build-up of hair colour, if it has been over-processed or has been damaged by the sun, this will affect different sections of the hair. Let us analyse your hair so we can then add the right blend of tones and shades to restore your hair colour.

Hair Colour Correction Services in Uxbridge 

We are specialists in correcting a wide range of hair colour issues so please do not be shy in booking in for a colour correction appointment.  As you can imagine, each individual’s needs are different which is why we will give you a price for correcting your hair colour when you come in for your consultation.  Some of the more common hair colour correction issues seen include:

  • Highlights that are too orange/gold in colour
  • Blonde hair that has become brassy or too white
  • Dark bands of overlapping hair colour caused by repeated home colouring
  • Faded hair colour
  • Hair that has turned green in tone
  • Hair colour that is too dark or too light.



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